//Level 6 (Site Management)

Level 6 (Site Management)


There are no formal entry requirements for this NVQ qualification, however the potential learner must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the skills, knowledge and experience requirements of the NVQ.

An NVQ assessment plan will be agreed during your Initial NVQ assessment & NVQ Induction; a planned end date will be agreed. However, we would expect your NVQ qualification to be complete with sixteen weeks.

During the Initial assessment your assessor will identify the most appropriate optional units and provide advice and guidance regarding the range of evidence required. At this stage you will be introduced to the on-line portal and uploading evidence for your NVQ. Feedback regarding your progress will be provided in a variety of ways: contact records transmitted using Learning Assistant, which also includes a % complete indicator. Your assessor will also maintain regular contact by phone, text message and email.

Your assessor will provide support throughout the assessment process to ensure timely completion of your NVQ.

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The appropriate construction qualifications and NVQ are an important part of proving your occupational competence. This is especially the case with the changes to the CDM Regulations 2015.

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