construction plant competence scheme

What is CPCS?

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the largest and most highly recognised card scheme for the plant industry which helps to prove workers’ operating skills and health and safety awareness.

Do I need a CPCS Card?

UKCG along with many employers are now insisting that operatives working on their sites must hold a CPCS card. So, if you are working in the construction industry within the UK there is a high chance that you will need a CPCS Card.

What cards are available?

The Red Trained Operator Card which shows that you have been tested to CPCS standards.
The Blue Competent Operator Card which shows your competency in the role.

How do I get a CPCS card?

The CPCS scheme is made up of 3 stages and we can help at every stage to ensure a simple journey through the CPCS scheme.

trained operator red card

Step 1 – Red Trained Operator Card

To get this card you need to (in this order):

On achievement of the CPCS practical test, we will request the CPCS Trained Operator (Red) card on your behalf.

This is a two year card which is non-renewable. You may hold/extend this card whilst you are working towards your SVQ or NVQ in order to gain a Blue Competent Operator Card.

Step 2 – Blue Competent Operator Card

To get this card you need to: 

On achievement of the CPCS practical test, the CPCS test centre will request the competent operator card on your behalf.

On receipt of your first competent operator card, you will be sent a CPCS logbook. The role of the logbook is to record life-long learning and evidence towards the renewal of a competent operator card.

competent operator blue card
competent operator blue card
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Step 3 –  Renewal of the Blue Competent Operator Card

To renew you need to:

  • hold a CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card for the category which is within five years of expiry date
  • pass the relevant CITB health, safety and environment test within the last two years
  • pass the CPCS Renewal test for each category held
  • demonstrated on-going practical operating experience through a choice of routes:
    • Logbook
    • On-Site Assessment
    • CPCS Practical test
    • SVQ or NVQ
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